Cloudy Pool Water

Common Causes of Cloudy Pool Water and Ways to Clear It?

Cloudy pool water can be unappealing and uninviting. But what’s even worse is that it can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and can cause serious damage to your pool.


Hence, if you want to avoid spending big money on expensive repairs, you need to know what are the causes of cloudy pool water. Let’s have a look.

Three Causes Why Your Pool Water Is Cloudy?


Generally, pool water turns cloudy after some time. But if it has happened overnight, then there might be some problems that have caused the cloudiness to become noticeable.


The question that comes to your mind is “why is my pool cloudy.” Here are the top reasons for cloudy pool water.

Low Sanitizer Levels:


A lack of bromine, chlorine and other sanitizers in the pool water can make it a breeding ground for bacteria and put unnecessary stress on your filter. There are numerous reasons for low sanitizer levels.


Natural debris is the most common one. If left unattended, the debris can decrease the sanitizer levels.

Other elements like sweat, sunscreen, beauty products, and even the sun’s ultraviolet rays too can harm the sanitizing hypochlorite ions of the pool.

Problems Related to Filtration:


The poor pool circulation system is the reason due to which a pool looks cloudy. If you are not cleaning the filters properly or not taking care of the pump, the pool water is bound to look cloudy.


The pool circulation system can lose efficiency when it gets old. A worn-out filter is unable to remove contaminants and can cause plenty of gross water problems too.

Poor Water Chemistry:


Poor pool chemistry is responsible for a lot of problems ranging from scaling on the pool surface to making it difficult for the sanitizers to work.

Filtration problems and bacteria growth are some other problems that cloudy pool water causes. It can also increase the levels of chloramines which can cause skin irritation and can be corrosive.

How to Clear up Cloudy Pool Water?


Here are some tips that can be helpful in clearing a cloudy pool.


Giving your pool a deep clean:


A good scrub down for your pool is the best way to start things up. Use a heavy-duty skimmer to remove the large debris and brush the walls with a stiff pool brush. If your pool has an algae-related problem, then using a vacuum is the best way forward.


Filtering the pool water 24/7:


It doesn’t mean that you filter the pool water indefinitely. Even running the pump for 8 to 10 hours a day will do the trick but you have to make sure that the filters are replaced before doing this.


It allows you to make sure that extra pool sanitizers are removed from the pool and clean water is evenly distributed.


Using bottom drains:


The skimmer at the surface of a cloudy swimming pool can’t get the debris at the bottom. By turning on the bottom drains, your filter will be sucking in the sediment at the bottom of the pool with ease.



Cloudy pool water fix can prove to be a humongous task if you are planning to do it yourself. It is certainly not a good feeling when your pool looks cloudy.


But jumping into sparkling clean water is way better than having an unappealing pool with cloudy water.


To make sure that your pool is in perfect condition, Alliance Pools and Patio is here for you. With our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services, we ensure that nothing messes with the beauty and hygiene of your pool.


Our trained and professional staff addresses all your concerns and helps you to get the perfect pool you wish for!


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