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Concrete pools are nice to look at but require regular maintenance including pool replastering. This is because your old plaster surface may chip off and chafe your skin as you take a lap in your pool. Both adults and children often complain of scraping of skin in the pool because of the chinks that occur on the surface of the pool walls and floor. Give your pool an elegantly smooth finish with our pool plaster repair service.

For the last 22 years, Alliance Pools & Patio has been providing pool repair and maintenance services to the residents of Dallas/Ft. Worth areas. In the world of pool-related service providers, Alliance is a name to reckon with in providing world-class repair and upkeep services, which are hassle-free, customized, and affordable.

Our industry-trained team of servicemen provides upkeep and repair services along with a range of other ancillary services, including pool equipment upgrade and repair, water treatment and chemical analysis, and filtration of pool water. They also send you a progress report with before and after pictures of your pool to your email, so that you can see the difference for yourself.

With our pool replastering service, you can give your pool a brand new look just in time for the summer parties. Pool replastering also has a host of other benefits. From giving your pool a smooth and elegant finish to preventing the formation of algae, pool plaster considerably extends the lifespan of your pool and keeps it looking seemingly new for years.

Benefits of Replastering a Pool
A pool, like a house, needs care, maintenance and regular upkeep. Replastering a pool has several benefits that significantly improve the longevity of your pool.

In simple terms, pool replastering means coating the pool walls and the pool floor with a layer of plaster mixed with cement. This helps in extending the longevity and protects your pool from algae formation. Further, replastering gives your pool walls and floor a smooth surface that prevents cutting, scraping and bruising as you take a swim in the pool.

Typically, you should replaster your pool every three to five years. However, if you use high-quality material, you can significantly extend the life-span of the pool. The time to replaster your pool does not depend on the age rather than the feel of the surface.

When the surface of the pool walls and the floor feels rough and uneven, you know it is time to replaster. Plastering your pool has the following benefits:

  • Plastering significantly improves the lifespan of the pool. It prevents the formation of cracks on the surface of the pool walls and protects the pool from natural wear and tear.
  • Plastering prevents the formation of algae. Algae is a kind of seaweed that is found in water. It makes the water look unclean and dirty. Further, it can even increase the PH level of water that leads to skin rashes.
  • Finally, plastering gives a smooth finish to the surface of the pool walls. You can also mix your plaster with a variety of materials such as quartz, pebbles and marbles to give your pool an attractive new look.
Types of Material Used in Plaster
Mix up your plaster with a wide range of material, as per your choice of texture, look, finish and, of course, budget. Alliance Pools & Patio brings you a wide range of material that gives your pool different kinds of looks. From quartz to marble, from pebbles to plain white plaster, the list is impressive when it comes to replastering your pool.
Hydrazzo Pacifico Polished Marble surface:
Like the polished smoothness of marble? You’ll love our best-selling range of Hydrazzo Pacifico Polished Marble surfaces. Hydrazzo Pacifico is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains, permanent scaling and algae adhesion. These surfaces are both durable and beautiful to look at. They are perfect for your perk up your old pool.
Stonescapes Mini Pebble surface:
Pebbled surfaces give your pool a natural, rugged look. Bring home our exclusive range of Stonescapes Mini Pebble surface creates consistent, dependable to color. Due to our use of select, smooth, polished pebbles, Stonescapes finishes are easy on hands and feet.
Marquis Magic 100% Quartz surface:
Quartz is a naturally occurring, mineral crystalline compound that is used in a variety of industries. Our Marquis Magic range is a unique blend of quartz along with cement modifiers and a touch of Mica that adds elegance and smoothness to your pool surface.
Pozzalon Enhanced White Marble Plaster:
Our standard white marble plaster is both easy on the eyes and the pockets. White marble plaster surfaces are smooth to look at and will give your pool water a sky blue look.

Apart from pool replastering, we at Alliance Pools & Patio also provide excellent deck resurfacing work. You can upgrade your old deck resurfacing work with a custom deck overlay that spruces up your whole pool area. Our custom deck overlay gives a sophisticated and elegant look to your pool area while proving to be sturdy and resistant against the elements.

Alliance Pools & Patio has been providing pool re-plastering services to pool owners for the last 22 years. Our commitment towards bringing you high-quality material and services to your doorstep is unflinching. With us, you can get timely and regular services along with convenient reports.

Whether it is a pool equipment repair or a re-plastering of a pool patch, you can trust us for all your pool-related issues. Contact us with your pool-related query and we will get back to you with our response and a free quote.

As a company, we maintain the highest standards of safety and security while providing our services. Our industry-trained servicemen are ready to solve even the most complex of pool-related issues.

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