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Summertime calls for chilling by the pool. However, chipped tiles, unwanted cracks, smelly water, algae formation can be quite a challenge for pool owners.

Alliance Pools & Patio has been providing world-class pool cleaning services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas since 1998. We provide timely cleaning and maintenance of your pool on fixed days of the week. Our industry-trained experts are well-versed with the best practices of pool cleaning, which includes a range of useful services, such as filtering the pool water, chemical treatment, and winter special services.

Our pool service providers also send you a complete service report, along with before and after pictures, so that you can see for yourself the difference our service can make. Alliance Pool & Patio is a name to reckon with when it comes to pool repair, maintenance, and renovation services. Take a look at some of our services that are sure to brighten up your pool.
Full Service Plans

Opt for our full-service plans that give your pool a complete makeover. Our full pool service plan consists of the following features:

  • We provide a thorough analysis of pool water and the balance of chemicals present in the water. The quality of the water is perhaps the most important aspect. Your pool water should never be too acidic or too alkaline. It should be neutral. We also check for the presence of harmful chemicals.
  • We thoroughly clean and vacuum your pool replacing the old water with fresh water. Regularly replacing water helps you to maintain the hygiene and the cleanliness of your pool.
  • Filter cleaning is another area that needs to be taken seriously. Keeping your filter cleaned helps you to keep your pool water clean and healthy. We recommend having your cartridge filter cleaned every 4 months and DE filters cleaned every 6 months. Our full-service plans include 2 filter cleans every year.
  • Algae formation is a common problem in concrete pools. Algae are a kind of weed that can grow on the sides of a swimming pool or its floor. Not only they look ugly, but they also emit carbon dioxide and raise the PH level of the pool. Our full-service plan includes a total algae clean-up followed by special treatment that resists the formation of algae.
  • We also provide a though cleaning of the steps, benches and walls of the swimming pool.
  • Finally, our full-service plan also includes salt cell clean-up.
Chemical Only Plans

Our chemical-only plans concentrate on the chemical treatment of water in the pool so that your pool water remains clean, fresh and odor-free. This plan includes:

  • Water analysis and PH balance check of the pool water
  • Algae treatment
  • Filter cleaning, including DE
  • Filter cleaning and cartridge filter cleaning.
  • We also carry out a thorough equipment check and brushing of steps, walls and benches as a part of our chemical-only plan.
Benefits of Pool Cleaning

With Alliance Pools & Patio, you can be sure that your pool is squeaky clean for the summertime. With Alliance Pools & Patio, you can bet on the superior quality of our work, our dedicated and customized service, and our attention to detail. Undoubtedly pool cleaning, especially when you opt for a superior service provider like us, can have multiple benefits for your pool.

  • The longevity of your pool extends. With regular cleaning services and upgrades, you can give your old pool a seemingly new look without spending a fortune.
  • Our water analysis and treatment help you maintain the PH balance of the pool water. Treating the water with special cleaning solutions not only sanitizes the water, but it also prevents skin rashes and other skin diseases that may occur due to the presence of dirty water.
  • If concrete pools are not cleaned and maintained regularly, it can encourage the formation of algae making the water brackish and dirty. Therefore, pool owners should always consider consistent maintenance to keep algae at bay.
  • Our full-service package not only cleans the pool but also the deck area, which is oftentimes ignored by pool owners. An attractive pool area can enhance the overall look of the pool.
  • Apart from weekly cleaning, Alliance provides a host of other services, such as re-plastering and a complete overlay of the deck area.

For more than 20 years, Alliance Pools & Patio has been providing top-notch cleaning and repair services to pool owners. Whether your pool is residential or commercial, our team is happy to help you with all your pool-related problems. Contact us with your queries and we will surely get back to you with a free quote. We would love to hear from you.

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