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Pool Resurfacing Finishes

Give your pool and the surrounding deck and patio area a brand new look with our stress-free renovation service. Alliance Pools & Patio provides a range of options when it comes to resurfacing your pool.

Depending on your preference in texture, color, durability and price, you can choose from our vast range of exclusive finishes for pool resurfacing. If you crave for the blue waters of the ocean, go for our best-selling Hydrazzo Pacifico range.

On the other hand, for a natural, rugged look, opt for Stonescapes Mini Pebble. For a stunning look and the smoothest pool finish, our Marquis Magic 100% Quartz is your best bet.

Hydrazzo Pacifico Polished Marble Surface
-One of our most dynamic product lines, Hydrazzo Pacifico Polished Marble Surface combines the beauty of a pebble finish with a naturally polished look. It comes in a range of colors and is naturally resistant to a range of common pool problems, including spot etching, topical stains, scaling and algae adhesion. It enhances all your pool features and gives a fresh, natural, ocean-like feel to your pool.

Hydrazzo Pacifico Blu

Stonescapes Mini Pebble
-If you are a fan of the pebbled look, then ask our pool remodel experts for Stonescapes Mini Pebble. This line is known for its durability and natural finish. Its scientifically formulated surface system renders a consistency in colors and a smooth pebbled finish that is easy on the hands and feet.

Marquis Magic 100% Quartz
-Give your pool a stunning look with our most exclusive range of pool surface systems – Marquis Magic 100% Quartz. It is a combination of quartz, a naturally occurring compound, with cement modifiers and a touch of Mica. This creates a smooth finish for your pool that is both sturdy and durable.

Hydrazzo Pacifico Blu

Pozzalon Enhanced White Marble Plaster
-Give the humble plastered surface of your pool an upgrade with our Pozzalon Enhanced White Marble Plaster that is smooth to touch and gives your pool a beautiful azure look.

Apart from resurfacing, we also carry out pool repair, tile repair, and installation, along with state-of-the-art deck resurfacing work. Ask our renovation experts for a custom deck overlay that matches the beauty of the pool or choose from our latest collection of tiles to give your pool and spa a touch of elegance.

Our custom pool services, including maintenance, repair, renovation, and upgrade, have been beautifying the pools of the households of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area since 1998.

Our pool renovation experts are knowledgeable and dependable and attend industry-specific continuing education classes every year. We bring you the best practices in pool renovations and pool repair. Give us a call and get a free quotation from us today!

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