Trusted Swimming Pool Repair Service Provider in Keller, TX

While splashing in the pool under the summer sun can be fun, regular swimming pool care, however, can be quite a chore. From vacuuming the pool to removing the algae and pool cleaning — there are plenty of things to be done when it comes to pool maintenance.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were professional pool service technicians to take care of all your pool repair and pool cleaning needs?

With over 20 years of solid experience in the pool industry in Keller TX, Alliance Pools & Patio is your trusted partner when it comes to all aspects of pool service and pool maintenance.
Pool Services We Offer in Keller Area
  • Our service plan includes state-of-the-art pool renovation services, plaster services and cleaning services.
  • Our expert Keller pool maintenance team is well-trained in handling all aspects of swimming pool repair in the Keller area.
  • Our licensed technicians are also equipped to install energy-efficient pool pumps, LED pool and spa lighting, and pool heaters.
  • Our Keller pool repair services are well-known in the area for our professional attitude, timely swimming pool service, and use of the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.
  • With our weekly pool maintenance program for Keller, your pool will always be sparkling clean. We will ensure that your pool water meets the highest standards of safety when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Not just that, we will ensure that all your pool equipment is kept in perfect condition, which will increase the longevity of your pool.
Get Keller Pool Repair Services with Alliance Pools & Patio

Here are some of the key benefits of our Keller pool services:

  • We provide you with complete peace of mind. With our weekly cleaning service, your pool will be taken care of throughout the year.
  • We offer timely cleaning along with regular checking of pool equipment. Say goodbye to sudden leaks or chipped tiles. With our Keller pool services, your pool is sure to be kept in pristine condition forever.
  • Our pool maintenance team will also keep you regularly updated regarding the overall health of the pool and inform you about necessary upgrades if required.
  • We use high-quality equipment and chemicals for pool cleaning and repair, which ensures the proper chemical balance of water, thereby preventing the growth of algae.
  • Finally, our services enable you to save both time and money. Delegating pool cleaning to professionals will not only give you a hassle-free experience, but our reasonable pricing will also ensure that you don’t have to spend a fortune on maintaining your pool.

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