Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

How Can You Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean?

Is there anybody who doesn’t like a swimming pool in their backyard? A pool, no matter how small it is, can perk up your outdoor space, giving it an elegant, upscale look. Splash in the pool during the summertime, or throw a pool party with friends to become the talk of the town.

However, how to keep a pool clean can be quite a conundrum for novices. You might be confused about how to clean the water in a swimming pool. Further, you might be unaware of the swimming pool cleaning chemicals that are usually used to give the best results. What you really need is an expert who knows all about cleaning pools.

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How do you Maintain Water Quality in a Swimming Pool?

The water of a swimming pool should be clear, odourless and colourless. There are three ways of maintaining the water quality of a swimming pool:

  • Check the physical quality of the water: Water should not emit any foul smell and should be crystal clear. This can be achieved by treating the water through chlorine.
  • Maintain the alkalinity of water: You should regularly check the pH level, chlorination, filtration, hardness and total alkalinity to maintain the quality of the water.
  • Actual cleanliness of the water: Filter your water regularly and remove all the algae and the sediments of the pool in order to maintain the pristine quality of water.

How do I Make My Pool Water Crystal Clear?

The water of a pool needs to be filtered on a weekly basis to clear it of all the unwanted elements. Firstly, you need to skim all the dead leaves, insects, and the debris that might have gathered on the top of the pool water.

Secondly, you need to brush the sediments off the pool and thirdly you need to vacuum the pool of the existing water and fill it up with fresh water. If your pool has a connection with a fresh water source like a river or a lake, then it is even better.

What Chemicals are Used to Keep Swimming Pools Clean?

The most popular swimming pool water cleaning chemical is chlorine. This chemical can come either in a solid form or in a liquid form. In the solid form, it is called calcium hypochlorite, while in the liquid form it is called sodium hypochlorite.

The compound mixes and reacts with water to form a solution called hypochlorous acid that cleans up the water in your pool.

When you are opting for a pool cleaning service, it is essential that you opt for the right kind of chemicals to get the best results.

How Often Should a Swimming Pool be Cleaned?

A swimming pool should be cleaned every week. If you cannot opt for a weekly cleaning routine, then at least go for a fortnightly routine. However, a light skimming of dead leaves and debris every day is important for your pool.


Those who have pools are often faced with the dilemma: How to keep a pool clean? Maintenance of a pool requires a good knowledge of how to clean the water in a swimming pool. In this article, we looked at the various ways of cleaning a pool.

Cleaning a pool, as we have seen, requires cleaning the debris out of the pool, proper filtration, and treatment with proper swimming pool chemicals. Of all the chemicals, chlorine is the most popular and effective swimming pool water cleaning chemical.

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