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5 Things That Make Your Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly

Are you looking for ways to make your swimming? Wondering why you need to make it eco-friendly? Then we have the perfect answer for you. Read on to know more about how you can have an eco-friendly pool and what are the benefits of it. 


Summertime means pool time. The jump into the pool is mandatory with the advent of summer. And with the frequency of pool usage becoming higher, the need to maintain it while conserving water also rises.


According to the Maui County Department of Water Supply, almost 1000 gallons of water is naturally lost through evaporation from the swimming pool every month. Leaks, wear and tear also lead to a tremendous amount of water loss.


Hence it is important to be able to conserve water in the swimming pool so that water wastage is not rampant. If you want to know the secret of conserving water, then constructing eco-friendly swimming pools is the best way to be able to achieve that. 


What is an Eco-friendly Swimming Pool?

Eco-friendly pools are swimming pools that have been designed, keeping water conservation in mind. People who choose to have eco-friendly swimming pools in their backyard are usually interested in conserving energy and preventing unnecessary loss of water.

What are the Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Pool?

If you are wondering how such eco-friendly pools are beneficial for you, then here are a few reasons:

  1. Eco-friendly pools make sure that you are being able to conserve and fully utilize the available resources of nature, without wasting or overusing anything. 
  2. An environment-friendly pool offers a healthier and safer environment to swim in for you and your family.
  3. Because energy consumption is much lower than regular pools, you will also get to save up a lot on the household bills. 

Why Do Most People Choose Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools?

People all across the USA have started preferring eco-friendly pools to regular pools. This is because they are much more cost-effective than regular pools.


Eco-Friendly Swimming Pools reduce the manufacturing, installation, and maintenance costs by a large margin. They do not harm the environment as there is no usage of harmful chemicals.


They use an extremely reduced amount of electricity in order to operate perfectly. This in turn helps reduce your utility bills, which in turn helps you save a lot of money.


Constructing an environment-friendly pool or installing some of the devices which make it eco-friendly will help you preserve the environment tremendously.


Here are the 5 Things That Make Your Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly:

1.Keep a check on leaks:

In 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers stated in their report that the United States of America faces about 240,000 water main breaks every year.


Hence it is important to keep a check to see if there are any leaks in your pool so that you can fix it in real-time.


2. Install solar bubble covers:

Solar bubble covers reduce the rate of evaporation by almost 95%. These can also harvest solar energy and increase the heat retention ability of the pool. 


3. Install LED lights to light up the pool:

LED lights consume five times less energy than other bulbs. They are also very durable, extremely cost-effective, and also give a very appealing look to your pool. 

5 things that make Your Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly

4. Indulge in landscaping:

The trend of getting natural pools installed is growing every day. People prefer having a pond-inspired habitat that blends into the natural surroundings. Landscaping complements your home’s overall decor.


It also enables natural filtration as the base of the pool is made of compacted clay or synthetic liners and topped with a layer of gravel. It is a great way of adding your unique touch of environment-friendly decor and pool to your house.


5. Solar heaters for your pool:

Keeping the pool water warm is important. But heating systems can cost a lot. Solar heating systems on the other hand are cost-effective, efficient and they also heat up the pool water quickly.


As the world is getting overpopulated and the natural resources are getting depleted fast, people are getting conscious of all the environmental problems going on. We are walking towards leading a greener and holistic life.


Having an eco-friendly swimming pool is one step towards the right direction of conservation. If you are looking forward to installing an eco-friendly pool or turning the existing pool into an eco-friendly one, then we can help you with it.


Our Alliance Pools & Patio team is well-experienced and well trained to offer you the best pool services of renovation, installation, and maintenance of eco-friendly pools. Connect with us to know more about these, and let’s together make the world a sustainable one.