8 maintenance tips for every pool owner

8 Pool Maintenance Tips For Every Pool Owner


Many homeowners like you dream of having their own pool right in their backyard. After all, a swimming pool has many uses beyond providing just a place to swim. It can be a place to chill and go out in the sun, or it can be a party area on weekends.

To keep your pool quality pristine and perfect, you must perform regular maintenance. Maintaining a close eye on things can help you avoid costly mistakes. 

So as a pool owner, make sure you keep in mind these 8 resourceful pool maintenance tips. 

8 Pool Maintenance Tips For Beginners


  • Water Quality Check

Taking the time to test your pool’s water quality routinely and adding the right chemicals to the water are the main factors in maintaining your pool. Keep the chlorine level constant at all times. To maintain a swimming pool, you need to add pool chemicals. Having an improper chemical balance can make a pool look murky, harbor bacteria, and be dangerous for swimming.


  • Ensure The Filters Are Clean

Next, keep your filter clean regularly as part of pool maintenance. Although you won’t have to clean the filter as often as you check the chemicals, you still want to make sure the pool looks great and works right. Clean the filter out every 3-6 months, depending on weather conditions, for optimal pool efficiency

  • Clear All Baskets and Containers 

In addition to the pool filters, you will also need to check your pool’s various baskets and collection pots. In order to begin, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the hair and lint basket on your pool pump. You’ll find the lint and hair pots inside your pool’s pump within its clear glass housing. The process involves shutting off the pump and then releasing the system pressure.

It is recommended to do this cleaning every two weeks, but if it is needed, keep a check on the overall condition of the pool. 


  • Measure The Water Level

Checking your pool water level is another important thing you should do regularly to keep it in great shape. Insufficient water can lead to problems with the pump, including drying or overheating of the system. A too-high water level can also pose a problem. Skimmer doors may malfunction if the water level is too high.

The water level is expected to change from time to time, especially after a storm or after a substantial amount of pool use, so make sure you check it regularly.


  • Scrub and Skim It Up

It would be impossible to maintain a healthy pool without skimming and scrubbing. You will most likely have to perform skimming on your pool on a regular basis. It simply means clearing the pool surface of leaves and other debris.


  • Water Circulation

A beginner should explore the concept of water circulation next. The circulation of water in a pool reduces the growth of algae and other contaminants. The use of energy-efficient pool pumps and filter systems prevents your pool water from stagnating and becoming vulnerable to bacterial growth. Ideally, a pool pump should operate between 10 and 12 hours per day.

Circulation is the key to keeping the pool cleaner.


  • Get Ready For Winters

When it comes to maintaining your pool, remember that you must always be prepared for winter. A poorly winterized pool may require expensive repairs down the road. With a few simple steps like using a pool cover and shutting down the water supply, you can prepare your pool for the upcoming summer and prevent potential problems.


  • Get A Professional To Help

Pool maintenance requires a lot of effort, from regularly checking the water’s chemistry to skimming debris off the surface. The majority of homeowners do not have the time or the inclination to maintain their pools properly. 


Often, it’s best to leave things to the experts. A pool maintenance service like Alliance Poosl & Patio can help pool owners maintain energy-efficient pools along with saving time and money by conducting regular inspections. 

Final Thoughts


Essentially, these are all the pool maintenance tips you need to know to maintain your pool quality as a beginner. Now you’re one step closer to a slightly easier pool life!