don't neglect the basics when you become a new pool ownerpool owner

Don’t Neglect the Pool Basics When You Become a New Pool Owner

Owning a swimming pool is a responsibility. It comes with its own set of enjoyment and precautions that a pool owner should keep in mind. Tips for the maintenance of a swimming pool for beginners are a must. Let us dig deeper and find out the best pool tips for beginners. 


Five Basic Pool Tips for New Pool Owner


If you are a new pool owner, here are the 5 basic pool tips that will help you to keep your pool in perfect condition.


Rules and Regulations:


Strictly adhering to the rules and regulations regarding the safety of the pool is a must-do. Be it the fences and covers or the specific insurance, every new pool owner must be aware of these regulations.


For example, You must have a pool cover and it is necessary to cover the pool when it is not in use, for long periods of time. Pool covers don’t allow unnecessary debris and pollen to fall into the pool. They are also helpful in sending a clear message to unauthorized visitors.


Knowledge of the Pool Components:


Despite being different, the basics are the same for every pool. Apart from the volume of your pool in gallons, the basic knowledge of the components of the pool is very important. Here are the major pool components that a pool owner should know about.


Pool Filter:


It helps to collect all the dirt, sand, leaves, pollen, and other residues from the pool. The water flows through this device and the debris is trapped inside.


Drains and Returns:


They are built-in components that work with the pool’s filtration system and drains out the dirty water and debris to return clean water to the pool.


The Pump:


It performs the task of circulating water inside the pool. They can be turned on and off but should run during the day.


The Vacuum:


This device stays at the bottom of the pool vacuuming dirt. Ideally, a new pool owner should perform vacuuming twice a week.


The Chemical Feeder:


Often known as chlorinators, they effectively introduce chlorine to the pool.


Ongoing Maintenance:


It is an important factor to ensure the smooth operation of a pool. Vacuuming and skimming are the most common introductory tips for first-time pool owners.


In addition to that, you should measure and adjust the chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Here is a list of chemicals that are needed for pool care.




It disinfects the pool. Pool owners can add chlorine to the pool in the form of liquid or tablets.


PH increases:


The optimum pH for pools should be between 7.2 to 7.8 with 7.4 being ideal. It can help to reduce eye irritation.

Calcium Hardness Increasers:


Keeping tabs on the calcium concentration of water is necessary as it determines the hardness of the water. The ideal range for calcium concentration should be 200-400ppm.


Too high calcium level will cause the problem of scaling and too low may cause discoloration of water.


Utility Bills Awareness:


As a new pool owner, you receive plenty of pool advice. But the advice you don’t receive about the hike in power and water bills.


The best advice for pool maintenance for beginners is that you should be aware of your bills and monitor them closely for the first few months.


Being Aware Of Recreational Water Illness:


Recreational Water Illness is caused by germs that spread by swallowing, having contact with contaminated water in the pool, water parks, lakes, fountains, and even rivers and oceans.


You can fall ill even by swallowing a small amount of water that has been contaminated. Proper pool maintenance can help reduce such health hazards.

Final Word


On a concluding note, pool owners need to understand the importance of regular pool maintenance. And nothing beats professional pool cleaning and maintenance services. If you too are looking for professional pool services, then your search ends right here.


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