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Beat the Heat this Summer With these Amazing Pool Ideas

With the summer heat and swimming season around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your backyard more attractive and construct a pool that can entertain guests & friends alike.


A pool is a fantastic option if you have stunning outdoor and interior space. One of the advantages of having a pool is that it can be customized according to one’s personal preferences. A large space is not required to have a stellar pool, but effective space management can open up new horizons for you.


So, here is a roundup of the most trending Summer pool ideas to inspire you. 


Let’s dive right in!


11 Best Swimming Pool Ideas


Reach for the stars

The rooftop swimming pool can be among the most contemporary swimming pool designs. A rooftop setting can give the most stunning views over the concrete forest your home faces.


 You will see stunning blue hues to take in if you look up. Rooftops can also serve to host guests occasionally. A pool makes the atmosphere more enjoyable. 


Imagine stars, sultry outdoor brunches, lively BBQ events, or relaxing evenings by yourself to enjoy some tranquility and peace. You could also consider adding some seating near the swimming pool, making the space more relaxing.


Extra water features

When you incorporate water features into your pool design, you must select elements that look appealing and fun. The roaring fountains and cascading waterfalls can transform your pool into something incredible and customized. What’s more? They are fun to play with children.


Make your pool limitless

With an infinity-style pool, the visual line that separates the point where the pool’s end and the yard starts is blurred with astonishing outcomes. This dramatic effect is always stunning and an excellent option for a pool near an edge. It will look even more spectacular if installed on the rooftop. 



Don’t let size or budget deter your choices when planning to landscape your pool. Make your pool the focal point of your space by surrounding it with plenty of greenery such as grass, wild trees, or even a few small plants in the surrounding area. This is not just an added splash of color, but also that green hue in the blue pool can create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

The last step is to create your furniture and let your guests be a part of the views!


Provide built-in seating

By placing seating right on the perimeter of your pool, you will have enough space to swim and sit. Incorporated right into the construction of the swimming pool, benches covered with water are great for sitting down during the summer months when it is too hot to swim in a swimming pool.


Improvise your poolside

Whether you own an angular or rectangular pool decorating it with furniture can help highlight the beauty and peace of the whole setting. Design your pool using bamboo or wooden chairs. 


It is also possible to put some chairs and tables in a row for the occasion that you’ll have guests. The combination of light and water creates magic, so a few candles in the water or lanterns around the pool could create the perfect setting you’ve been searching for.


Take a slide 

A classic swimming activity for kids (and amusing adults too!) It is possible to enhance the fun of the slide and slide further to the next step by integrating it into your swimming pool design by creating a customized walkway with a specific material, design, and layout. According to your needs, it is possible to have a slide enclosed and a winding slide or one that has spray jets.


Add natural stone 

With a customized design and the inclusion of stones into your design, the nature-inspired pool can enhance the landscaping as well as provide a tranquil place to relax. Add a few rocks along the edges or cover the bottom of the pool entirely with natural stones as a unique alternative to liner pools.


Add a Baja shelf

Baja shelves are the ideal swimming pool accessory for lounging in the shallow area without the need to immerse into the pool completely. They’re basically a larger version of a top step that allows you to dip in and out and relax on loungers.


Integrated waterfall

Another innovative small pool idea is to incorporate a waterfall in your pool. The waterfall’s sound will drown out the background noise and allow you to create your private space that becomes your oasis away from the chaos. Get together around the waterfall for the ultimate experience of relaxation.


Waterfalls don’t need much space, making them an ideal feature for small and large pools. It gives a tropical ambiance in an outdoor setting, and it can also be a stunning attraction within your yard. You can customize the waterfall to fit your personal style by choosing contemporary, traditional, rustic, or a variety of retaining walls to construct it.


Take the plunge

If you’re looking for a place to splash around, you can think of a swimming pool design that incorporates that idea brilliantly. A pint-sized pool could be ideal. With enough room for lounging and cooling down, it could provide the most enjoyment. Prefabricated and custom pool designs are available that you can select from to make the process easier.

Final Thoughts


Hopefully, these modern pool designs have provided you with enough inspiration to start planning your own. These pool ideas without a doubt, will certainly make your house more sophisticated and neat. If you’re still unsure about the plan of action, call in a professional to get more validation. The experts at Alliance Pools & patio will help you with custom designs and build the perfect summer pool! Call us today to fix an appointment