pool ideas in 2022

7 Amazing Pool Ideas to Follow in 2022

These days, there aren’t very many backyards with plain, rectangular pools anymore. More and more homeowners are designing their backyards around more unusual pool design ideas. You can make this coming year the best one yet by relaxing by the pool and taking a dip here and there.


In case you are looking to spice up your pool, whether it’s for another occasion or you wish to keep it looking fresh, here are 7 pool ideas in 2022 that will add character and intrigue to not only your pool but to your entire landscaping as well.

Pool Trends to Follow in 2022


  1. Small Pools

There are numerous reasons why smaller pools have become so popular. There aren’t as many backyards available as in previous years, and families today are smaller or simply want to relax in a pool after a hard day’s work and unwind. 

Known as spools, plunge pools and cocktail pools are the newest trends.


Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools have a lot in common with spas since they can be heated and have jets. Most cocktail pools are no deeper than 4 feet and no larger than 400 square feet. 


Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are also small but usually deeper than cocktail pools. In most cases, jets aren’t included, but it isn’t ruled out if one wishes to install them. They can vary in size, but they typically measure 8 feet in circumference and 8 to 16 feet deep. They can be custom-built to fit your needs. The pools are intended for fitness enthusiasts, so they can do water aerobics without using a larger pool.


  1. Underwater glow

Lighting is something that puts the finishing touches on any pool. Add a fluorescent glow with underwater lighting. Not only does this make any pool more compelling, but it adds atmosphere as well. In addition, even the smallest backyard pools seem more spacious and deep due to this atmosphere. Keep the party going through the day and night with multicolored lights that change on a timer or randomizer.


  1. Automated pools

With the rise of apps in our daily lives, why wouldn’t you want one for your swimming pool? You already have an app to see who’s in your yard, entering your driveway, or ringing your doorbell, and you have an app to view the outside of your home. Perhaps you should also consider getting one for your pool and pool area.

New pool automation systems provide control over everything from equipment, water features, water temperature to filtration timing and LED lighting. Now you can control everything with the touch of a button.


  1. Fire features 

Fire on the water is a spectacular element for your own enjoyment, as well as a great focal point for conversation. Creating the décor is easy – all you need is a natural gas or propane source and some elbow grease. Adding a fire element to any pool can add a warm, exciting glow that does more than just make it look amazing-it makes it a place to be even in winter when it’s too cold to swim!


  1. Rain curtains

These popular add-ons, also known as rain descents or water curtains, feature a solid sheet of water that pours into your swimming pool like a waterfall. The sound of falling water can enhance the tranquillity of your backyard oasis as well as enhance the visual effect of rain curtains.


  1. Tropical settings


We have been unable to take our usual vacations to our favorite resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico because of the pandemic. Instead, why not create these memories in your backyard? 


Freeform pools are typically what we think of when we consider natural tropical pools. In 2022, however, geometric straight lines will be incorporated into the homes as well. These types of pools never go out of style, no matter which style one chooses to go with tropical landscaping, rock waterfalls, and more.


The design trends for pools in 2022 will be focused on achieving a natural and tropical setting. It is crucial to hire a pool builder and a backyard pool specialist in these situations. A pool builder that specializes in cookie-cutter designs like the rest of the neighborhood is unable to explain the variety of design ideas. Your home’s style, lifestyle, and backyard layout are different from everyone else, so why have your pool be just like everyone else’s?


  1. Install Baja shelves

It is easy to relax in the shallow end of your pool with Baja shelves since you don’t need to submerge in the water completely. You can dip in and out of them or lounge on the loungers, which are essentially giant versions of top steps. 


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Final Word


Bringing the ultimate tropical vacation experience to your backyard, matching your home’s architectural style, having a small pool, spectacular lighting, and being the envy of your neighbors, contact professional swimming pool builders at Alliance Pools & Patio.

In 2022, let us help you consider how your backyard can be maximized and how to maximize your investment in a backyard and pool.