Cracks in Pool Plaster Normal

Are Cracks in Pool Plaster Normal? Quick Tips to Fix it!

Cracks inside the pool are always a bothersome sight for a pool owner. While these cracks can be surface cracks that don’t run deep, there is always a chance that these are structural cracks. While identifying the cracks in your pool is an important aspect, it is also important to make sure that you seek professional help.


Structural cracks can cause significant damage to the integrity of the pool and cause leaks. We at Alliance Pools and Patio assist you to the best of our abilities with our decades of experience in the domain.


A swimming pool, just like any other investment, requires constant attention and care. While taking care of the cleanliness of the pool is important, inspecting the pool surface for cracks in pool plaster cannot be ignored. As time passes by, you might observe some cracks on the pool surface that might destroy the swimming pool finishes.


This is the point where you will start wondering if pool cracks are normal or not. Let us dig deeper to understand the types of pool cracks, what causes them, and how you can fix pool cracks.


Types of Pool Cracks

As a pool owner, you have to understand that pool cracks are normal and can happen due to various reasons. The important thing is to understand the reason behind these cracks. There is a misconception that if there are cracks in your pool, the pool must be leaking. This is not entirely true. Pool leaks depend on the type of crack in your pool. 


Surface Cracks:

As the name suggests, these cracks are normal and you don’t have to be too concerned about them. Surface cracks are shallow and superficial. These cracks are usually seen in the pool plaster and their presence doesn’t indicate any pool leaks. Surface cracks don’t run through the shell of the pool and fixing pool plaster cracks is easy. 


Structural Cracks:

More damaging than surface cracks, the presence of structural cracks should be taken as a sign of an ongoing pool leak or one about to happen. These cracks can be vertical as well as horizontal and can be found on the sides or the bottom of the pool. As they run through the plaster as well as the concrete, they tend to be more menacing and can cause severe pool leaks if not taken care of. 


What Are the Causes of Pool Plaster Cracks?


Depending on the type of the crack, there can be different reasons for pool cracks.


As for surface cracks, the primary contributing factors can be improper curing, temperature, wind, or use of excess water in the concrete mix used while constructing the pool. Surface cracks can start to show up as time passes by. They are usually seen as hairline cracks in the plaster walls of your pool.


Structural cracks, on the contrary, are a result of improper design or bad engineering. It is the job of the pool constructors you hire to check the bearing capacity and stability of the soil. When the soil is not stable, it can lead to structural cracks and eventually, pool leaks. 


Are Cracks in Pool Plaster Normal?

The answer to this question depends on the type of crack you have in your pool. If the cracks are superficial and don’t run deep, then they are surface cracks. They can happen due to factors like exposure to changing weather and the sun. They are normal and you shouldn’t be worried about them.


But if the cracks run deep and are present everywhere in the pool, then these are structural cracks. This is where you need to seek help from professional pool repairing services.


Quick Tips for Fixing Pool Plaster Cracks

The process of pool crack repair depends on the type of cracks you are dealing with. For a surface crack, begin with draining out the pool. Look for the cracks and smooth down all the rough spots. If there are too many cracks in the pool, then pool replastering is the better alternative as it will help to get rid of all the cracks.


For structural cracks, it is advised to take professional help from pool replastering companies as it is a serious problem. The best course of action can be decided after a team of professional pool repair teams inspects your pool. 


Final Thoughts

Cracks in the pool plaster can be bothersome. If you ever come across cracks that aren’t superficial and might cause a pool leak, then the best move forward is to get in touch with a pool plaster repair company.


Alliance Pools and Patio is one of the best pool repair and cleaning companies that offers you the solution to all your pool problems under one roof. With over 2 decades of experience, our team of skilled professionals makes sure that your pool remains healthy and crack-free.