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8 Tips to Help You Choose Your Swimming Pool Color

Once upon a time, choosing a pool color was a reasonably easy decision to make, with limited options in size, materials, color, and finishes. Nowadays, those decisions are more challenging than ever.


With the newest advances in fiberglass pool technology, you have got more choice and control over every aspect of your swimming pool’s design than ever before.


Some parts of the process will be easy as your options could also be limited — backyard space dictating pool size and intended usage suggesting a shape and style. But one element of the pool where you genuinely have endless possibilities in color. Hence, you need the right inspiration to pick the best swimming pool color.

Why Does Swimming Pool Color Matter?

With lots of swimming pool colors to decide on, selecting the right pool color for your backyard can be a challenging process. Clients often begin by asking about the most popular pool colors. Yet, like most trends, what is popular today might not be popular tomorrow.


Usually, the swimming pool is the “centerpiece” of a backyard. Like all centrepieces, it should complement the entire space and be the ‘wow’ factor of your backyard oasis.

Here Are 8 Important Tips When Choosing Swimming Pool Colors

1. Determine Your Primary Working color


The water inside your swimming pool doesn’t determine the primary color of your pool area. Now, this might sound silly — water is evident. Yes, but the material you select for the bottom of your pool determines its watercolor.


2. Observe Your pool Finish For Inspiration


If you are trying to find secondary pool colors to include in your backyard oasis, your home’s finishings could help. This includes the tiling, pebbles, or other detailing above the waterline.


3. Take a Look at Pool Surroundings for Accent colors


Once you have chosen your primary and secondary colors for your pool surface, it is time to tie it together with accent colors. These little pops of colors can bring your backyard patio area to life and give it lots of character.


4. Draw Inspiration From Photo Galleries


Your swimming pool contractor should facilitate you with choosing a color scheme for your desired pool finish. Generally, they usually have a gallery of photos of their previous work to supply some inspiration.


5. Create Color With Lighting


Customized lighting helps alter your outdoor area’s mood and highlight your favourite architectural elements. In short, pool lighting creates a novel ambience. Choose between energy-efficient LED lighting surrounding your pool or maybe color changing lights.


6. Search For Color Inspiration From Pool Decking or Pavement


Swimming pool tiling and paving on the pool deck are available in an extensive selection of shades and textures for swimming pool care. This offers you a plethora of colors to settle on, like grey, white, charcoal, black, beige, and even pink.


7. Choose Your Preferred Swimming Pool Colors


This is the foremost essential thing. Many swimming pools with cool colors like black, red, blue, purple, green, or a combination of several colors look brilliant for an extended time. Many of them, when installed properly, look excellent.


8. Get Professional Advice


Ultimately, it would be best to discuss with the most experienced professionals for the best color option. You will be able to learn what your choices are and which colors will fit your needs.

Final Notes

Once you select your pool’s surface materials, this offers you your base, primary color to work with. Some popular finishes to settle on include aqua blue, teal, blue, and even black.


Your swimming pool experts should then be ready to match all customizable finishes to the present primary color. Look at the environment around, whether it is garden foliage, pool furniture, patio decor, or your home’s exterior.