Swimming Pool Lights

5 Things You Should Know Before You Install Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming pools give your house an elegant look, making it a perfect place to spend time with friends and family. Underwater swimming pool lights are one of the most essential safety elements for your backyard oasis.  It can also add a dramatic dimension to your pool.

Having the right lighting for your swimming pool will not only provide aesthetic benefits but will also give you practical benefits for the rest of your backyard too.


Is It Worth Having Pool Lights?


Pool lights are worth it since they act as a safety element during nighttime. LED pool lights are one of the best options to opt for since they last longer than a standard light. These lights also make it very easy to add color to your pool.


Types of Pool Lights

Pool lights are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Here is a list of the lights available in the market

  • Incandescent – These lights are like standard bulbs. The output of these underwater lights has a yellow shade.
  • Halogen – These bulbs use filament technology to light the bulb and there is always a yellow haze.
  • Flush-mounted underwater halogen pool lights – These lights have a perfect alignment with the pool wall.
  • Surface-mounted underwater LED lights – They provide good lighting at a cheap rate.
  • Pool garden lighting – Used around the pool environment.
  • LED flood lights – LED pool lights last longer and are safety elements for the pool.

5 Things to Know Before Installing Pool Lights


  1. It is best if you call a professional before installing swimming pool lights yourself.
  2. The choice of equipment is the second key safety point. The products should be of good quality to prevent electrocution.
  3. A minimum number of lights is the golden rule that gives your pool the perfect contour.
  4. You should always choose a neutral or a warm white color for the lights.
  5. Recessed light for exterior lighting is the ideal option.


Final Thoughts

The perfect lighting will give dimension to your pool and your backyard that you have been craving for. If you are planning to invest in swimming pool lights, Alliance Pools and Patios is the best option. You can choose from the range of lights they offer and even call their professionals for maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are LED Pool Lights Safe?

LED pool lights are the safest since they last longer and provide high levels of performance. They have come on strong and big in recent years. The use of the right equipment is needed.


How Many Lights Should Be in a Pool?

The number of lights you need depends on the size of your swimming pool. The lesser the lights in your pool the better. However, if your swimming pool is 15’x30’ your pool requires only one light. Pools that are 20’x40 require more than one light.


What are The Best Pool Lights?

The LED lights are considered to be the best for the pool lights. They last longer and are safer. You can try buying them from Alliance Pools and Patios, to get the best deals.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Pool Light?

The cost to replace pool lights is a little expensive. It depends on your swimming pool. However, it ranges between $70- $150 for replacement.


Can We Install a Pool Light in an Existing Pool?

Adding a new light in an existing pool that never had any source of light is quite a process. The pool needs to be emptied and the wiring needs to be installed within the pool wall. You can add lights to an existing pool, but your pool needs to be remodeled.