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Signs You Need A Professional Pool Repair Service

The fact that you have a pool in your backyard does not necessarily mean you are an expert at maintaining it. Therefore, when your pool doesn’t perform as it should, you may feel helpless. Fortunately, if you find the problem early enough, then pools are not that hard to troubleshoot if you appoint a professional for the job. 


So, you should consider hiring a pool repair service for your swimming pool if you see these 5 signs. 


Before we dive in, let’s first know why pool repair is even important in the first place!

Why Do You Need Pool Repair?

The purchase of a pool represents an investment, and your goal is to keep it working for as long as possible, just like any investment. Making pool repair an important task!


The main reason for pool care and repair is maintaining the balance of your water’s chemistry. You can experience a variety of issues when your pool water is out of balance, including damage to your pool’s equipment, handrails, irritation of the skin and eyes while you’re swimming, and reduced life for the pool liner.


In addition to maintaining the clean and balanced water in your swimming pool, there are numerous pieces of hardware and machinery that will require some repair so that they will function and have durability. 


Pool repairs are also essential to ensure that your pool remains in good condition. When you neglect your pool’s maintenance, you could cut its life in half or even down to one-quarter of what it is expected to last. 


Signs You Need A Professional Pool Repair Service

It is easy to overlook the signs that your pool needs professional pool repair. This list will hopefully simplify the process of discerning whether it’s value:


  1. Leaks

You should maintain a consistent level of water in your swimming pool. When your pool has a low water level, there may be a leak in your walls or your internal plumbing. The leaking of a pipe raises your water bill as well as pollutes the environment. Hiring a pool repair specialist right away is the best step you can take if you suspect a leak.  



  1. Pump related problems

Pool water cleaning depends on pool pumps. Dirt, debris, algae, and bugs in your pool are indications that your pump may be broken. Getting your pump repaired by a swimming pool company nearby is the best option.



  1. Fractures & Cracks 

It may be necessary to repair even the smallest cracks in your swimming pool to prevent structural weakness and poor drainage. Cracks need to be sealed as soon as they become apparent with caulk. However, a pool repair specialist should be consulted for the pool resurfacing of more extensive cracks. 



  1. Dirty Filter

Your swimming pool filter likely isn’t working efficiently if you have to clean it more frequently than once or twice a month. A local pool technician should change the filter along with a complete inspection for pool cleaning. 



  1. Broken Lights

The combination of water and electricity can be deadly. DIY pool repair projects should not include fixing broken lights. Having to drain the pool and shut off the main electrical supply will also be necessary, while an incorrectly installed light can pose a serious danger. Let the professionals take care of the broken light repair. 

Final Word

If you have noticed any of the above signs, call Alliance Pools & Patio, a friendly and knowledgeable company specializing in pool repairs. We offer maintenance packages that will help with the upkeep of your backyard lagoon


If you work with Alliance, you can rest assured that we can handle all your pool repair and maintenance needs.