What Pool Owners Need to Know About Swimming Pool Resurfacing

What Pool Owners Need to Know About Pool Resurfacing?

Having a swimming pool in your house does give you extra brownie points in your social circle. But if your pool’s surface has started to look shabby, it’s something to worry about, as you’ll lose your pride because of a bad looking pool surface.


This is because if your swimming pool needs surfacing and currently not looking quite chic, it won’t appear inviting at all.


Since most plaster home swimming pools are created to last for around 10 years, it needs resurfacing after it starts showing the signs of aging that are not appealing to the eye and also uncomfortable for swimmers. Meanwhile, a bad looking pool degrades the value of your overall property as well.


But, there’s still some hope! You may go for modern cutting-edge options for your pool resurfacing to upgrade its look in the desired way. You must consult the best pool resurfacing company to give your pool a new life while adding more value to your home.


You’ll be amazed at how the pool resurfacing process can uplift the appeal and overall outdoor pool area. Whether you simply want to upgrade the look of your pool or it needs repair, here’s what you need to know before you resurface your swimming pool.

What is a Pool Resurfacing?


Pool resurfacing is the process of redoing the surface of your pool so that there are no cracks, chipping, or any aging signs on the existing pool surface.


Before considering pool resurfacing, you must know what it is and what the process looks like? So, if your current swimming pool is coated with plaster fiberglass and pebble or tile, you simply cannot do resurfacing on the existing surface.

pool resurfacing

First, you need to prepare the existing surface for a new plaster coating by removing the current surface.


After that, sandblasting and hydro blasting or bond coating is done on the existing surface. Once you prepare the surface, you can finally apply the finishing coat of quartz, plaster, glass beads, exposed pebbles, or the polished pool finish to enhance the appearance of your swimming pool.

How Often Does a Pool Need Resurfacing?


Being a swimming pool owner, you can consider pool resurface year-round. But if you schedule it in the off-season like winter, it’s a great time for getting the resurfacing done without much interruption.


However, there are no specific restrictions on when it must or must not be done throughout a year. But you must keep an eye on harsh or extreme weather changes like strong storms, heavy rainfall, or strong winds that could carry debris and may delay the entire process.


The time required for pool resurfacing is around one to three weeks, so you must plan accordingly. If your swimming pool is compact, then it would require less time for resurfacing.

What is the Best Pool Resurfacing Materials?


Hydrazzo, also known as Polished Aggregate, is considered to be the best resurfacing material. It’s the first-ever polished finish in the industry and has known to set a high standard in pool resurfacing. This material boasts a silky smooth texture, which is popular for its durability and longevity.

Hydrazzo consider best pool resurfacing materials

It is available in a wide range of color selections and has an elegant, natural variegated appearance. Due to its effortless look and style, Aquavations Hydrazzo suits all poolscape designs.


Another good thing about this polished pool surface is that it even resists topical stains, spot etching, algae adhesion, and permanent scale. Hence, many homeowners and commercial property owners prefer it over other materials. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain.

What Happens if You Don’t Resurface the Pool?


If you do not get swimming pool repair or resurfacing on time, it will often be exposed to cracks, weather, and unevenness on the surface of the pool. This may lead to water leakage, ugly looking algae stains, and injuries due to uneven surface. Therefore, it is essential to get pool resurfacing done on time.



Now that you know everything that swimming pool owners are supposed to do to get the pool resurfacing done, you must consider it if you’ve started noticing aging signs on your pool surface.


It is best to consult the best pool resurfacing company to get the estimate and inspect your pool before starting the whole process. The experts will come to your home for checking the condition of the pool and then give you an estimate and schedule to get pool resurfacing done.