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Top 8 Tips for Using Swimming Pool Covers

Who doesn’t like things being spick and span? Even pools ought to be clean. A swimming pool with a cover prevents debris from falling into the water. Having an outdoor pool requires a lot of maintenance charges.


It might be fun during the summer, but the hardest to clean during the fall. Inadequate maintenance leads the pool to become ugly and dirty.

Is It Better to Cover Your Pool?

Swimming pool covers are an essential part of pool maintenance. Not only are they safe, but they cut down costs on maintenance.

You can purchase the ideal pool cover that fits your pool perfectly. Custom shapes and sizes are available to make sure each cover fits perfectly to provide the best coverage and safety.

How Many Types of Swimming Pool Covers Are There?

There are a wide variety of ranges of pool covers based on each individual’s taste and requirements for the pool. The different covers are,

  • Bubble covers – This cover provides a basic level of pool covering and has some level of heat retention.
  • Winter covers – This is an additional layer of the bubble cover. This mesh layer covers the pool and it is fastened around the outside of the pool to secure it.
  • Foam covers – It is mainly designed to retain heat from the indoor pools. These do not belong to the category of swimming pool safety covers.
  • Manual covers for safety – These are mainly for outdoor pools which are secured by tracks that run on parallel sides covering the entire surface of the pool.
  • Solar pool covers – This cover reduces the energy costs of heating the water.

How Do We Choose Swimming Pool Covers?

In order to choose the perfect pool cover for your pool, you need to keep the following things in mind, note that its sunblock capacity is good. It should reduce evaporation and you should choose the correct size for your pool.


Check if the cover is able to remove any algae growth before you cover your pool during the offseason. You should make the right choice by purchasing a high-quality pool cover and the best inground pool cover so that you do not have to spend on the covers frequently. Try to make the best long term investment.

Here Are the 8 Tips for Using Swimming Pool Covers

  • You always need to roll the cover along the edge of the pool from one side to another.
  • Whenever children are playing around the pool, use the safety cover to prevent any kind of mishap.
  • You can also install a motorized safety cover, which will make your pool maintenance a much easier task to do.
  • Never allow children or animals to walk on top of the safety covers.
  • You should always check for holes and tears on your pool covers to prevent the water levels of the pool from dropping and debris from making the pool dirty.
  • Pool covers should be cleaned once every two months for long term use.
  • You should always unfold the cover horizontally with each section at a time. You should stretch until the cover reaches the edge of the pool.
  • If you add chemicals to your pool, do not cover it.

Final Thoughts

Pool covers are the saviors of protecting the pools from getting damaged. Proper pool cover care helps to increase the lifespan of your cover.


It is always better to research and go through reviews and then purchase a pool cover ideal for your pool. You can always contact us at Alliance Pools & Patios to get the perfect pool cover with proper guidance.