beautiful ideas of inground swimming pools

7 Beautiful Ideas for Inground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a welcome sight during the hot summers. They not only give you relief on a hot day, but they also raise the value of your property. If you are planning to get your swimming pool built, there are many options to consider.

Are Inground Swimming Pools Worth it?


A permanently installed, well designed in-ground swimming pool not only adds value to your home, but it also helps in enhancing your landscape by adding a water feature to your backyard that creates a pleasing, soothing view from your patio or from inside your house. In-ground pools are the perfect swimming pools for houses that are in hot, humid, and warm areas.

What is the Perfect Size for an Inground Swimming Pool?


The perfect size for the best inground pool depends on the space that you have. You need to select the perfect spot for your swimming pool construction so that easy installation, superior maintenance, and optimal satisfaction of usage can be achieved.


Before you choose the spot for your in-ground swimming pool, you need to ask yourself and your pool contractor the following questions:


  • Will the pool installation team be able to easily access the spot that you have chosen?
  • How much grading and excavation will be needed?
  • Is the soil at the spot easy to dig into?
  • Are there any trees or large rocks in the spot? Do they need to be removed?
  • How will the landscape look once the pool is installed? Will debris and leaves keep falling into the pool?


Once you have received all the correct and positive answers to these questions, you can then start the construction of your swimming pool.


Although in-ground pools are slightly expensive and require swimming pool regular maintenance, they come with a plethora of swimming pool design ideas, which makes them the best choice for your home, making your house look amazing.

Here are the 7 ideas for an inground Swimming Pool

  • A modernistic style:

A modern pool requires well-defined shapes and a spotless, clean colour plan. Some homeowners pick nonpartisan hues like grey or white for their cutting edge pool.


In fact, according to modern aesthetics, less is more. So you need to stand by a clean shape and colour for your modern pool.


  • A serpentine design:

Effectively pliable and customizable gunite pools are ideal for a serpentine design. Intended to imitate a snake’s bended body on the ground, these pool shapes give out a feeling of energy in your backyard.


This style is ideal for anybody searching for a more erratic style of pool.


  • A natural feel:

A round or delicately curved pool surrounded by a flower garden evokes pictures of a lake encompassed commonly in the forested areas.


This pool configuration makes certain to welcome your family and visitors to unwind in a tranquil domain and appreciate the daylight.


Simply try to be cautious about cleaning – plants that are placed excessively near the pool can shed leaves and dust into the water.


  • A tropical adventure:

A pool flanked by palm trees and tiki lights lets you make the most of your very own tropical heaven without venturing out from home!


Enjoy your dream vacation on your lawn with a tropical-themed pool. Complete the look with a fire pit for night picnics.


  • Lights in water:

Hot tubs or spas have underwater lights installed. But how about doing likewise in your pool? In the evening, a couple of LED lights underwater will give it a mysterious sparkle.


  • A pool party:

If you like having friends over for parties, odds are you’ll require a pool and open-air condition fit to dealing with many individuals all at once.


If so, consider a couple of exceptional highlights and features your visitors will love. For example, a bar to serve drinks at the pool’s edge. Include an open-air kitchen and your party arena is perfect!


  • A haven for kids:

Summer breaks can be long and tedious for kids. If the pool is designed in a way that gives them the perfect playground then they will have one definite thing to look up to.


Add a few water slides and games which kids will enjoy, and you have a personal water park, ready for them in the backyard.


Final Thoughts

Once you have built your in-ground pool, you might think that the hard work is done. But you need to remember that in order to make the most of your pool, you need to ensure proper swimming pool care so that you and your family can enjoy the pool for a long time.


An in-ground swimming pool requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Hence it is always a good idea to hire professional pool contractors who are experts in inground pool repairs and swimming pool maintenance.


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