Fill Swimming Pool Faster

How to Fill Swimming Pool Faster

As summer approaches, many people will shift to spending more time outdoors – grilling, using the pool, and riding their bicycles. Taking a dip in a swimming pool offers exercise and relaxation simultaneously. Now is the time to follow these easy pool water fill ways that guarantee you the quickest experience while filling up your pools. 


How Can I Fill My Swimming Pool With Water?


 Use the city’s tap water and the garden hose


You can easily and affordably fill your swimming pool with city water if you use a garden hose. The only equipment you need is running water, a garden hose, and an outdoor water spigot.


To that end, it’s a good idea to check if your state is experiencing water shortages or mandatory rationing before filling your swimming pool.


Water source with high pressure


The hopper of the pool must be filled with 2 inches of water from a garden hose before turning on the high-pressure source, regardless of whether you are using a fire hydrant, tanker truck, or any other high-pressure source of water.


The water must be directed into the partially filled hopper from the high-pressure source. By allowing the high-pressure water source to fall directly on the sides or bottom of the hopper, impressions will be made in the freshly troweled vermiculite under the liner and damage the otherwise smooth surface.


Water delivery services can help you fill your pool


Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy water for your pool to fill it in a flash? How about paying for a water delivery service that sends the water straight to your swimming pool?


In recent years, bulk pool filling services have become an increasingly popular method of filling up swimming pools fast and efficiently. Filling up your swimming pool this way is the fastest & easiest way to do so.


In this case, finding a reliable company that properly treats its water is the most important step. Pretreated water is pumped into your swimming pool, so you don’t have to spend time and money chemically balancing your water, saving you time and money. Therefore, double-check the reviews of water delivery services to ensure that they offer high-quality water.


Using well water to fill your pool


You can fill your swimming pool with well water if you have access to it on your land. However, you must have enough well water to do that.


It takes about 48-72 hours for your pool to be filled after you verify your well has enough water. Additionally, well water has a few drawbacks that you should know before you use it for your pool:


  • When well water is untreated, it can contain high levels of sulphur and excess minerals, which causes it to be harder than tap water.
  • Filling your pool with well water causes your water softener and well pump to work harder, resulting in faster wear and tear.
  • The cost of drilling a new well is high. If you run out of water, you risk making your well go dry. 


What is the Average Cost to Fill a Pool With Water?


After installation, the quantity of water required for filling your swimming pool will vary according to its size.


You can use a Swimming pool calculator or take out your calculator and crunch a few numbers to figure out how many gallons of water (aka water volume) your swimming pool can hold:


Cost Formula for Circular Pools


Total Water Volume = Diameter (A) x Diameter (B) x Depth (D) x 5.9


Cost Formula for Rectangular Pools


Water volume is calculated as Length (A) x Length (B) x Depth x 7.5


You should calculate the average depth of a pool that has shallow and deep ends if you want to find out how much water it holds. It will be easier to estimate how much water is needed to fill your pool if you keep a record of its dimensions.


The formula for Per-Gallon Pricing


Look up your water rate on your bill to figure out how much it will cost to fill your pool after knowing the total number of gallons it holds.


The pool capacity divided by 1,000 gallons multiplied by the cost per thousand gallons equals the cost of filling a pool.


How Long Does It Take To Fill Up A Pool? 


When it comes to the cost to fill in a pool, a number of factors come into play. In order to determine the flow rate of water, the first and most important factor is to measure the flow rate. It is only after this that you should know the volume of the pool before starting the filling process. 


You can only fill the pool with one hose if the water has already reached the shallow end of the pool. Water will likely rise at a rate of 1 inch/hour if the water level has already reached the shallow end. In conclusion, filling the entire pool will not take less than 1-3 days, which can vary according to the size of the pool.


Filling up an empty pool will take a few days if you adjust the pump flow rate to 330 gallons/hr and the system flow rate to 300 gallons/hr and spread water over its surface. But how can you be sure whether the water filled the entire pool in the time it took? 


Pools do not have the same volume or capacity, so there is no standard. If you’re pumping water at 8 gallons per minute through the hose you’re using, filling up a 15,000-gallon pool would take almost 32 hours. 


Final Word

To start enjoying your pool, you can either use the city water supply or even hire a truck that brings in water at an additional cost, if water is inexpensive in your county or area. The fact that it will likely allow you to enjoy your swimming pool one more day is especially welcome. As a final note, it makes complete sense to trust the experts to take care of your pool in the best way possible. Alliance Pool & Patio can aid you in filling up your pool easily and enjoy the beautiful outdoor patio space in no time! Call us today to get a quote from our experts.