Cool Your Pool Water in Summer With These Simple Steps

Cool Your Pool Water in Summer With These Simple Steps

With the raging heat, swimming pools are a great way to relax, cool down, and spend quality time with family and friends. On a hot day, owning a pool or having access to a pool may feel like a luxury. Such a nightmare it is to be jumping in the pool on a boiling hot day only to find the pool water hot.


We understand that you all want to beat the heat, not be beaten by it. So, if your pool feels like a sauna, try these few tips and tricks that will help you keep the swimming pool temperature low.

How to Keep Pool Water Cool in Summer?

  • Mechanical Evaporative Chiller

If you have less time on your hands, a mechanical evaporative chiller is a quick fix that will get the job done. It works as an AC and cools the water through its fans. They are much more effective at night given the lower temperature but also work fine during the day. 


This chiller can cool the swimming pool temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or even more. It also minimizes the chemical usage in your pool as warm water burns off the chemicals faster than cool water. Warm water also creates the chance of higher bacteria formation. So this option will keep the water cool and be cost-effective by saving chemical usage and keeping it hygienic.


  • Running the pool filter at night

Running the pool filter at night instead of the day is a cost-effective option. You do not have to buy anything extra and turn on the pool filter at night. During the nighttime, the temperature is cooler, which will make the filter work as a cooling system and help drop the water temperature by a few degrees. It is quite effective but only for dropping the temperature a little and does not bring a great difference as a water cooler would. This option comes with a few drawbacks as it also depends on the temperature, which does not make it a foolproof option. However, keeping the water moving does create a little difference.


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  • Covering the pool area with shade

Another option to keep the pool water cool is by covering it with a shade. Not exposing the pool to direct sunlight will prevent the water from getting hot. An added perk of using a shade is that it protects the chlorine in the water from evaporating via UV rays, saving you the money you generally spend on these chemicals.


Try covering your pool area with a canopy during the hot afternoons, so the sunlight does not fall directly over the water and make the water super hot. The benefit of a canopy is that it will not stop the air, which helps capture heat in the pool area.


  • Using a Reversible heat pump

This option is a little expensive compared to others but works wonders for controlling the pool temperature in summers and all weathers. Reversible heat pumps are instant fixes, making it easier to go ahead with your last-minute plans. The best part of installing these is they are suitable for every weather and can be customized according to your preference. They are a good option to make the most out of your pool while you spend quality time and relax. Turn the switch on, set the temperature, and boom, you have a perfect weather-friendly pool ready to relax and spend quality time in.


  • Draining and refilling the pool

This option is not advisable to be done very often, but only when you are required to change the pool water. It is a costly option when you keep in mind how we are just exhausting our resources. So, be mindful while using this option and only take it when a water change is needed. Changing the pool water drains the hot water and replaces it with cool groundwater but also keep in mind the chemicals and sanitizers you need again to compensate for the pool area. You will eventually need another way to keep the water cool for the rest of the season.


  • Add a water feature

Adding something like a waterfall or a fountain to your pool will make it look pretty and impressive and help drop those extra degrees added to oozing hot summers. Adding these features is one of the coolest ways to keep the water temperature low in your pool and is also very pleasant to look at. Fountains also have a certain calming factor and would make for very esthetic clicks to keep the fun memories. However, this process loses a bit more water than usual. But it does smoothen the water cooling process making it hassle-free and pretty to the eyes.


  • Color of the pool

As cool as dark-colored pools may look, there is a reason for keeping the pool color light in most places. It’s basic science that darker colors absorb more heat, so keeping the color of your pool a lighter shade will help it absorb extra heat and help keep the temperature low. Although this is not very budget-friendly to change, keeping this factor in mind while constructing the pool is better.

Final Thoughts

Cool pool water is important for your fun swimming time. Still, it is also cost-effective as it saves you from algae and bacteria accumulation in your pool while saving money on extra chemicals that evaporate quickly from hot water. Use these tips and tricks to turn your pool into a relaxing and calming experience instead of a high buzz-killing hot tub in summers. For all the pool parties you plan on having, make sure to be wise and plan in advance to use one of these tips to make your party a success.


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