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7 Reasons Why Swimming Pool Maintenance is Important

A pool can greatly improve the use of your backyard space.  However, they require a great deal of maintenance no matter which season it is.  Most swimming pools are open without a cover and are not regularly cleaned, which makes them susceptible to bacteria, algae, dirt, etc. Keeping your pool clean and functioning for a long time is possible with some knowledge and elbow grease.


Cleaning and maintaining swimming pools is a very specialized skill. It requires a complete understanding of what equipment to use, what chemicals to use, how to clean the filter, protect the surrounding areas, and so forth.


Booking regular pool cleaning services will help you stay on top of the game and maintain high standards while keeping you and your family safe. Here are a few reasons why pool maintenance is so important before you begin.

The Importance of Maintaining your Swimming Pool

The best thing about having a pool in your yard is that you can keep it fun, but it does take some maintenance. 


Although pool cleaning does not have to be a difficult task, you will need to spend a few minutes doing a little bit of upkeep almost every day or every other day. Regular maintenance of your pool should prevent you from experiencing too many problems. If your pool is well-maintained, you may not need to make any repairs.


Hinders bacterial growth

It is essential to maintain the sanitation and safety of your pool by testing its pH. You may experience skin and eye irritation when swimming in water with too high or too low pH levels. Having a pH level that is too high can also adversely affect chlorine’s ability to fight bacteria. Ensure that your pool’s water quality is always safe by regularly performing water quality tests.


Reduce the number of repairs

Keeping your pool and equipment clean and performing routine maintenance can help prevent some expensive repairs. A regular cleaning schedule is needed for equipment like pumps, heaters, valves, etc. Among these, filters deserve particular attention.


Improves pools’ lifespan

The key to swimming pool maintenance 101 is ensuring that your equipment is well-maintained. Several components keep swimming pools’ water clean and filtered, and each one demands some attention.

Ensure that your pool filter is free of dead leaves and other debris by checking it regularly. If you have them, the pump and skimmer should also be checked. Regular maintenance will extend the life of this equipment and help you save lots of money over the long term.


Clarifies the water

By filtering out smaller particles of debris, the pool filter system aids circulation and keeps the water clear. When this essential component is not kept clean and operating properly, the water will become murky and possibly dangerous to swim in. The clogged filter also risks introducing dirt particles into the system, causing the components to malfunction.


It is a source of pride

If your house is messy and dirty, you wouldn’t want to have guests over, and the same applies to your swimming pool. When the pool is kept clean and well maintained, it becomes a source of pride that you’re proud to display.

Maintaining your pool and cleaning it regularly will reap the rewards every summer if you make it part of your routine. Having a clean, beautiful pool in the backyard is a great way to host barbecues and playdates. You can enjoy this part of your home for many years to come by following just a few simple steps.


Protects structure from damage

In your swimming pool, decomposed leaves and sticks provide the perfect conditions for the growth of algae. Although algae may not appear to be threatening, it can get into small cracks on the pool floor. Algae growth will widen the cracks and let water leak through as they spread and flourish. It is important to clean your pool’s floor and surface regularly in order to prevent extensive damage to the structure.


A properly maintained pool is safer

A neglected swimming pool can quickly accumulate dirt, debris, and grime. Swimmers are at risk of developing diseases caused by bacteria and germs that grow and multiply in this environment. A swimming pool infection or illness is the last thing you want to experience!

In addition to spreading disease, a dirty pool can irritate skin and eyes. There’s no way you want your friends, neighbors, or family to get sick while swimming in your pool! It is important to regularly clean the water and surrounding areas to maintain a safe and healthful environment.

Final Thoughts

Monthly pool maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your pool. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire the Alliance Pools & Patio experts to offer their exemplary service and make your pool even better than before. 


We can discuss your pool maintenance needs over the phone or provide a free online quote for your pool. Let us help you keep your pool in great shape.