5 New Year Resolutions for Pool Owners in 2022

The New Year is here. This means a new start for you to form all the good habits that will make your life as pool owners much easier going forward. As 2021 ends and the new year approaches, people are also starting to decide what their resolutions will be for the new year.


However, unlike most new habits, these New Year’s resolutions for pool owners aren’t as difficult to implement as others.


As a pool owner, you can save yourself time and money by making a few easy improvements. These changes will prevent you from having to deal with expensive bills and repairs for years to come. You can particularly benefit from them if you want to reduce your swimming pool maintenance work by half and heat your pool faster.


To help you make your pool a better place, follow these 5 easy New Year’s resolutions for 2022. 

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Pool Owners


  1. Make Your Pool More Eco-friendly


Green up your pool. This isn’t about changing the color of your water. The goal is to make your pool more environmentally friendly. Various steps can be taken to incorporate green practices into your pool. Not only will you save money, but you also have a more enjoyable pool experience with your family. 


  • You should install LED lighting around your pool area. The lighting will dramatically improve the ambiance and presentation of your pool in the evening, and you’ll use 80 percent less energy
  • You can save more money on your electricity bill with variable-speed pool pumps as well. 
  • The installation of cartridge pool filters eliminates the need for backwashing, which wastes water. 
  • Heat pumps and solar heaters will keep your swimming pool comfortable and warm during the cooler months. 
  • To reduce your swimming pool’s chlorine production, try using a salt-chlorine generator.


  1. Restore and Replace


Getting rid of any worn parts before the season begins is the best way to improve your pool in 2022. All elements in the pool should be inspected for wear, damage, and in need of replacement before the buying season begins. These include skimmers, steps, ladders, lights, drains, and returns.

Aside from your heater, pumps, filters, and chlorinators, other parts are essential to keeping your swimming pool in good working order. By inspecting and replacing worn items before the season starts, you can enjoy your pool instead of spending time repairing it in the heat


  1. Make your Pool Cleaner


Don’t let your pool decay because you’re lazy. Keep in mind that maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t take as much effort as you might think. There is some effort involved, however. 


Make sure you trim the bushes and trees around your pool. This will reduce the chance of branches and leaves falling into the water. Building or planting wind blocks can help prevent debris from blowing into your water. Lots of Fort Worth swimming pools offer automated pool cleaners to make pool maintenance easier without back-breaking work. 


Optimize your water circulation. Using this method, you can easily skim your pool for debris. Keep your filter clean regularly. Cleaner pools look better, which means you’ll be more motivated to use and enjoy them all year round.


  1. Improve Pool Safety


Upgrading your accessories and equipment can help you accomplish your pool safety goals and accomplish some of your resolutions. Pools can become a source of anxiety rather than joy when the safety equipment isn’t in place. Hundreds of children drown each year when they wander into swimming pools. Many of these tragedies are preventable.


If you want to avoid mishaps, you should consider adding self-closing gates or replacing your self-latching hinges. Also, upgrade your safety pool cover, fence your pool, or add a pool alarm. 


  1. Maintain the Pool’s Chemical Balance More Often


This is important because it’s relevant to your health and sanitation. An overly chlorinated pool looks murky, and an under chlorinated pool can be the breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This can result in health problems. It’s important to test those pool chemicals regularly and make sure they’re all at the right level so that your pool doesn’t make you sick.

Final Thoughts


If you have resolved to eliminate clutter and stress from your life in 2022, why not start at the pool? Getting your pool serviced by swimming pool contractors on a regular basis will simplify your pool care regimen and keep your pool in good condition. Alliance Pools & Patio offer these weekly services at your convenience, making us your one-stop shop for all things pool-related.


Hopefully, these resolutions will keep you happy and healthy throughout the year. We hope they will lead to more time spent in the water, too!